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D'Accord Keyboard Method Demo 1.0

Keyboard Method Demo provides theoretical and practical course support
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D'Accord Music Software

The D'Accord Keyboard Method Demo 1.0 demonstrates an educational multimedia software program that provides the theoretical and practical course support users need, mainly those who play, or want to play, the piano or keyboard.

Users are presented with an easy to use interface that provides them with exercises and animations. The lessons offered to them help users to develop their musical skills by providing them with clear and focused information as well as musical accompaniment. The D'Accord Keyboard Method Demo 1.0 takes users from an introduction to their chosen instrument, including its history, tips about choosing a keyboard, to playing with both hands, giving them a good grounding in the basic concepts of music.

The program features a musical theory section and in this section users learn notation and the relationship between notes and keys, practice writing and reading scores, and discover the meaning of the symbols on the staff. This includes direction of posture for playing more efficiently. Once users complete this chapter of the course, they are taught how to play their first song, step by step. The play section of D'Accord Keyboard Method Demo 1.0 also teaches users methods of technique by presenting them with exercises for co-ordination and reading scores. In between theory and practice, users are taught how to work with their left hand and learn how to play 6 songs fully.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy to use interface


  • Demo has limited chapters
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